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Sandvox lets non-experts build beautiful, standards-compliant websites with photo galleries, videos, blogs, social media tools, forms and more, quickly and easily.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop publishing

Anyone can build a 5-page website in 20 minutes or less with Sandvox. Just create pages in the Site Navigator, and add objects for the information you want to use on your website. Next, drop in text, images, and photos. Then, publish it to the host of your choice.


A wide range of designs

With over 60 designs to choose from—many of which have multiple color variations—you’ll be able to explore a wide variety of options to find one that fits your goals. And Sandvox lets you swap designs anytime you like if you want to try something different.


HTML 5 and SEO friendly

Sandvox generates HTML 5 websites compatible with popular browsers on Mac, Windows, and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices automatically. Sandvox also creates search-engine-friendly code that aids organic discovery by/on search engines like Google and Bing.

Combine power and flexibility
with easy-to-use features

Flexible photo galleries

Sandvox has flexible photo galleries with lots of options for presenting albums. Showcase your pictures with lightbox effects, or slide show mode, and lots of other presentation customization options.

Add video anywhere

Putting videos on a Sandvox website is as simple as dragging files to place them on pages of your website. With Sandvox, the trickiest part of publishing video is the preparation. We’ve got some tips.

Blogs, blogs, blogs

It is easy to publish a blog with Sandvox. You don’t need anything else to do it. No accounts, no extra tools. Just use the objects in Sandvox to place it on your website, and start posting.

Social media

Integrating social media features into Sandvox websites with objects works like other Sandvox objects. Just choose the pieces you want to add, and place them on your website’s pages.


Use ‘Raw HTML’ objects to embed HTML for “widgets” like PayPal’s “Buy Now” button, Google Gadgets (e.g. search form, calendar), and more. Just paste the widget code into an HTML object and you’re done.

EXTEND IT: Code Injection & jQuery

Skilled web authors can use Code Injection to do things like load libraries, tweak CSS, or add PHP directives and apply modifications to a page, or an entire website. Sandvox also supports jQuery.

Intro screencast

Watch as a Sandvox site is built from scratch

This screencast introduction to Sandvox walks through building a simple, yet sophisticated, website about a family’s vacation to Maui, Hawaii. It is set up in Chapters, each about 4 minutes. It covers starting a new website, blogs, photos & movies, publishing, the inspector and advanced features. You can pick just one chapter, or watch them all. It is a great introduction to Sandvox, that is worth reviewing again once you have some experience with Sandvox.

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