What’s new in The Hit List

The Hit List for iPhone & iPad 2.5

iPad support

Manage your tasks effectively from the iPad of your choice (iPad 2 and newer), including the iPad Pro. With multitasking support.

Apple Watch support

See the status of today's tasks from the convenience of your wrist with The Hit List for Apple Watch, included in the iPhone app.

Today Extension

Swipe down from the top of the screen to see the Today widget for The Hit List in Notification Center. The widget is live updating and it gives you a quick overview of what's on your plate today.


Conveniently take text and URLs in other apps, and use them to create new tasks in The Hit List. See it in action on our blog. On your iPad, share lists with friends and colleagues by email. Also available: URL Scheme for creating tasks.

iPhone-Optimized Shortcuts

Manage those tasks quickly with shortcuts! Swipe right in a list to schedule a task. Swipe left to move, cancel, or delete. Flick between viewing lists and tags. On iPhone 6s, press the Hit List icon on the Home screen for Quick Actions to immediately create a new task, or go straight to your Today list.

Syncing Included

Our sync service — speedy as ever — is now included with The Hit List. Synchronize seamlessly and automatically between your Apple devices.

Fast Editing

Edit tasks at a single touch — no edit mode to switch in and out of! Dates are adjusted using an integrated calendar. Repetition and priority controls stay out of your way but are there instantly, in-line, with a simple tap. Type in subtasks, right there on the card.

Good News for Existing Customers

The Hit List 2.5 is a Universal app, running on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, so existing customers of Version 2 get full iPad support for free. Still using Version 1 and looking to upgrade? Learn how to import your data using our sync service. It's quick, easy, and of course, free.

App Store

The Hit List for Mac

Maintenance releases to The Hit List for Mac published by Karelia Software are now available. Note that our sync service is now included, so it’s easy and fast to synchronize between The Hit List for Mac and The Hit List for iPhone.

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The Hit List for iPhone & iPad

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