Share to The Hit List for iPhone

If you’ve ever wanted to take a URL or text from another app, and make it into a new task in The Hit List, now you can.

We’ve added a Share extension to The Hit List for iPhone 2.2, which makes it easy and quick for you.

For example, say you’re browsing in Safari and come across a web page that’s relevant to a project you’re working on. Tap the share button and you can conveniently add that page to one of your lists, for later reference. Here’s a quick demo of it in action:

This is a great boost to the power The Hit List gives you on iOS, and we hope it will save you valuable time during the day.

A wide range of apps support sharing, and The Hit List tries to handle that in as useful a fashion as possible. If there are any apps though that you use this feature in, and feel we could do more with handling the incoming data, were interested to hear about it, so please let us know.