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Sandvox 1.2.7 is available

We've been fiercely working on the new 1.5 version of Sandvox (ready for "alpha" stage soon) but meanwhile, we want to give Sandvox users access to a few important fixes. Download the new 1.2.7 version of Sandvox here.

For Sandvoxers running on an Intel machine and using Leopard, this update will be helpful, because we have finally found a way to work around an annoying graphical bug in Leopard that we reported to Apple last October! For those designs that use graphical text, you can go back to those fancy titles once you update to the new version.

We've also updated the embedded media browser to better cache movie thumbnails. (We'll be updating the freeware iMedia Browser application soon to reflect that change, in a few days.)

We're also welcoming A2 Hosting to our list of recommended publishing hosts.  One of their benefits is their inexpensive hosting plans.  They are offering 10% off all hosting packages with the coupon code tenoffa2. (This offer expires 30 June 2008.)

This update holds a number of other fixes and improvements, so give it a spin!


Gary at SandvoxWebDesigns has created a nice new online resource: Sandvoxed. It's a showcase of Sandvox-built websites.

The website is just underway, but already it's filling up with a number of user-submitted websites.  The thumbnails, which expand to full-size, working websites when you click on them, are organized by design type.  It's interesting to see a variety of websites all centered on the same design.  Take "Earth & Sky," used also by our own website.

If you've published a website using Sandvox, you can easily submit your site to be included in the list

There are also some fun badges you can put on your website, like this one:

I have been sandvoxed

Easter Eggs!

Get ready to hunt some eggs! Karelia is participating in a fun program starting this week. It's called the Easter mEgg Hunt ("m" for Mac) and it's a way to expose Mac users to a variety of "indie" software.

Starting on Monday, through the end of the month, you can hunt for "eggs" hidden on participating websites (like ours). Clicking on an egg will enable a group of coupon codes, valid at other participating websites. Collect eggs until you find that app you have been looking for (like Sandvox), or until you have collected them all! In the process, you'll become familiar with a number of indie Mac developers and their software products.

Thanks to Pierre of Houdah for organizing this event.

Happy Hunting!