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Even More Leopard Compatibility

We've decided to put out another version of Sandvox, right on the heels of the recent update, to provide even more Leopard compatibility.  This fixes some late-breaking issues that we discovered only recently.  Go download version 1.2.5 now, and then for those celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday! 

New Sandvox is Leopard-Compatible

Now that Leopard has been out in the wild for a few days, we have had the opportunity to apply our final batch of fixes to Sandvox to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible under the new version of Mac OS. Most of the fixes to Sandvox were actually workarounds for new behaviors (intended or otherwise) in Leopard.

The caveat that that we mentioned earlier about Graphical Titles still applies. We certainly hope that Apple will address this problem in Mac OS X 10.5.1.

Download Sandvox 1.2.4 now!