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New! Updates for The Hit List…

Today, Karelia is pleased to report that updates for The Hit List for Mac (1.1.4) and The Hit List for iPhone (1.1.5) are now available. You can check out the release notes and get to the updates from the What’s New page for The Hit List. The complete press release is also available in the Media & Press section of our site. Cheers!

Our favorite gallery….

We’ve recently updated our favorite gallery at SandvoxSites.com. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a gallery of websites built with Sandvox, described in the words of their creators.

Before SandvoxSites, the only way we would run across sites built with Sandvox was if Sandvoxers emailed us about their websites. Once SandvoxSites was up, suddenly, we were able to see how successful most people were using Sandvox. What’s more, people really put some great content out there!

It’s been truly gratifying to see so many entries, with more being added all the time. It’s been fun just to see the incredible diversity of uses for Sandvox — from events, families and clubs to businesses in just about any profession. We really enjoy watching websites get added from, literally, all over the world!

In particular, the tag cloud is an amazing way to see this. It’s a simple tag cloud, really only capable of showing the most popular tags. But for someone with an interest in, say, education, they can use the tag cloud to see the different approaches that different teachers have used to present information.

Seeing Sandvox websites in action also helps guide us in the development of Sandvox. Take a minute out to stroll through the new SandvoxSites gallery and see what people have created. Of course, if you’ve built a website with Sandvox, and you haven’t already, we invite you to add your site. We’d love to see it.