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Lion and Safari compatibility update

Last week saw a raft of updates and new releases from Apple. We thought we'd take a quick moment to fill you in on where Sandvox stands with them.

Sandvox 2

The great news is that Sandvox 2 runs on Leopard, Snow Leopard, and now Lion. We released version 2.1.4 on Saturday, fixing a couple of bugs, and improving compatibility with Lion. You can grab it using the Check for Updates menu from within Sandvox, or download directly from our website. We recommend everyone update, especially Lion users.

As Lion brings many new features for apps like Sandvox to use, and we hope to integrate them in a future update. We'll keep you posted.

At just about the same time as Lion, Apple also released Safari 5.1 for Snow Leopard. This updates not only the Safari app, but also the WebKit framework which Sandvox is built atop of. We're seeing a few reports that suggest video playback isn't as stable as before, and are looking into it.

Sandvox 1

We found that for many customers, the Safari update stops Sandvox 1 from ever finishing launching. Fortunately, Sandvox 1.6.9 is here to help, bringing compatibility with Lion and Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard. Again, update using the Check for Updates menu, or download directly from our website.