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The Hit List 2.7 for iOS Released

Today we're releasing version 2.7 of The Hit List for iOS. It brings some big changes, which we're excited to tell you about.

Free for All

Yes, that's right, our iOS app is now free! Here at Karelia, we care deeply about lists and what they can mean for personal productivity. We believe that on phones — the devices we carry and use all day — it's critical to have high quality lists and scheduling functionality available to everyone.

Of course, we wish to stay in business! We continue to offer the premium power and functionality of The Hit List for Mac for just $49, and are exploring bringing some of those premium features to iOS.

Apple Watch

As a small independent company, there is a limit to the time and resources we have available. In light of that, we have made the difficult decision to remove support for Apple Watch for now.

The App Itself

And now we come to the really interesting stuff: what improvements have been made to the app in this release? Well, almost too much to cover here! We've been hard at work on many smaller bits of polish for this release to add power and streamline your workflow. We'll be writing more in greater depth later to better demonstrate the benefits you can see, but for now, here are some highlights:


We've made several improvements to how tasks in a list can be sorted and arranged. You can see this on the Today screen, where tasks are now automatically ordered by priority, giving you a better view of the day. On the Upcoming screen, tasks for the week are broken down by individual days. We've also introduced a new option to sort lists by the date that each task was created.


If you work with multiple devices, you'll really appreciate this. Whenever you make a change on one device, it is immediately "pushed" to all your other iOS devices. Your lists will never be out-of-date on your phone again.


Plenty more polish has gone into this release, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it. Grab it from the App Store today, and don't forget that The Hit List on iOS is now free, so tell your friends and family!