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Sync service is now included

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The Hit List helps you manage the daily chaos of modern life. It’s easy to use — as easy as making lists. And it’s powerful enough to let you plan, move on, and then act at the right time. The perfect balance of power and ease of use.

Updated for iOS 8. See What’s New.

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The Hit List is packed with features to make managing your time quick and easy.

Plan and outline in your lists
Today List
Filter out distractions and focus on what matters today
Upcoming List
Get an overview of stuff coming up
Group similar tasks by context or other tags
Focus on one thing at a time. Take notes.
Start and Due Dates
Schedule tasks for when they become relevant
Break down big tasks into manageable chunks
Repeating Tasks
Schedule bills, meetings, and more

The Hit List Sync Service

Now Included with The Hit List for iPhone & Mac.


A sync service subscription is now included with both The Hit List for iPhone and The Hit List for Mac.

Blazing Fast

Syncing is FAST, and polite. It won't interrupt or distract you.


Data is transmitted to and from the sync servers using HTTPS. It is protected from prying eyes.


Sign up from preferences, and go. After you log in on a device or mac, your data will come with you.

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