The Hit List for Apple Watch

Do more with the time you find.

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Use The Hit List on your Apple Watch to see what’s on your list at a glance, or figure out what you can tackle in the time you find during the day. It's designed to help you get more of your "now" back. Included with The Hit List for iPhone & iPad.

Neutralize chaos from your wrist.

Glance. Get a quick overview of tasks for today. The outer ring shows you how close you are to completing today’s tasks. The inner ring shows you how many due tasks that are scheduled for today remain.
Today. When you launch The Hit List, it shows you a list of tasks for today. You can tap on a task to reveal buttons to complete the task, push the task to tomorrow, or see all of a task’s details. You can also firmly press the display here to create a new task.
Task Details
Task Details. You can get all the details for a task, from Apple Watch if you need to! The task details view shows you the notes for the task and subtasks, if there are any. You can firmly press the display here to complete, cancel, or push the task to tomorrow.
Dates. Quickly adjust the start or due date for a task with just a few taps instead of having to pick out the correct date on the calendar on the watch’s small screen!

The Hit List Sync Service

Included subscription handles Macs, iPhones, iPads & Apple Watches.


A sync service subscription is included with The Hit List for Mac and The Hit List for iPhone and iPad, and it handles Apple Watches too.

Blazing Fast

Syncing is FAST, and polite. It won't interrupt or distract you.


Data are transmitted to and from the sync servers using HTTPS. It is protected from prying eyes.


Sign up from preferences, and go. After you log in on a device or Mac, your data will come with you.

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The Hit List for iPhone & iPad includes The Hit List for Apple Watch.