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Karelia’s Mac Apps Ready for Sierra

Sandvox. The Hit List. Tangerine!. Stars. If you are ready for Sierra, these apps are ready for you!

If you are using Sierra, you should have no problem using the latest version of our Mac apps:

  • Sandvox has just been updated to version 2.10.8. This solves some Sierra-specific issues related to publishing and document language choice, along with some other issues. If you got Sandvox from the Mac App Store, be sure to use the store’s update mechanism to install this new version.
  • The Hit List is at version 1.1.26 and works just great.
  • Tangerine! is still helping you build custom playlists at version 1.4.3a.
  • Stars continues to help you rate your iTunes songs at version 5.0.2. Get it from the Mac App Store.

Your apps can be updated with the built-in “Sparkle” mechanism if you got them directly from us, or through the Mac App Store.

Thanks for using our apps!

The Hit List, ready for iOS 10

Today Apple is releasing iOS 10. It will probably be available by the time you read this!

We’ve recently updated The Hit List for iPhone & iPad to version 2.5.6, to be ready for iOS 10. Grab it from the app store while its hot!

Mac apps updated for security fix

Last week, the Internet was abuzz with the discovery that it was theoretically possible for Mac applications that used the Sparkle updating mechanism to be compromised.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to any of Karelia’s applications on the Mac, we have issued updates to our product line to use HTTPS so that future updates are secure. (We have also updated to newer versions of Sparkle, which was required in order for the release notes to be visible over the secure connection.)

If you are using copies of Sandvox, The Hit List, or Tangerine! that you downloaded from Karelia (and not the Mac app store), you will want to update to the newest versions: 2.10.4, 1.1.19, and 1.4.3a respectively. You can use the built-in (Sparkle) updating mechanism, or if you want to be extra-cautious, you are welcome to download the new updates directly and replace them manually — just visit the product pages (linked above) to download a fresh copy.

The Hit List, Native on iPad

The Hit List is going big. 

Not small — like our last release, squeezing it down for Apple Watch — but BIG to take full advantage of iPad. 

Please welcome iPad to the family of devices supported by The Hit List on iOS, all as a single universal app purchase.

Our goal with the iPad app was to blend the simplicity of iOS with the extra power of The Hit List for Mac, and we think you'll love the result.

Hold your iPad in portrait orientation to focus on your list with no distractions. Towards the right-hand edge of the screen, you can conveniently see and edit the start or due dates of your tasks, making scheduling a breeze.

Turn your iPad to landscape and the left of the screen opens up to reveal your lists, folders, and tags, and quickly navigate between them. And of course, tap on a task to open up its details card to use The Hit List's full suite of task editing features.

As an iPad user you might also find an extra little feature comes in handy: it's now super-easy to share lists by email, to send a copy to a friend for example.


iOS 9 introduces multitasking features for iPad, turning The Hit List into an even bigger companion in your daily usage.

For example, say you're working on something when you remember an item that should be on your shopping list. Use Slide Over to quickly pull up The Hit List, add the item to your list, then return to your work with a single tap.

And with Split View, you can run another app side-by-side with The Hit List. Perhaps you're doing some research in Safari for an upcoming trip; use Split View to keep The Hit List on screen and create a list while you browse.

iPhone 6s

Are you the proud owner of an iPhone 6s? The Hit List now includes Quick Actions with 3D Touch. On your phone's Home screen, press The Hit List's icon and you can immediately create a new task, or go straight to your Today list.

Other Improvements

A popular customer request has been for an easy way to see when there are notes attached to a task. We listened and added exactly that, with a handy little badge to indicate their presence.

Lastly, we've given tags a bit of an overhaul, with a cleaner, streamlined appearance, similar to that seen in The Hit List's Today Widget.

The Hit List for iPhone & iPad is available immediately from the App Store, and is a Universal app, running on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Available for a special introductory price of just US$14.99.

Karelia Apps and El Capitan. Ready!

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We’ve been using El Capitan — Apple’s new version of OS X released yesterday — for a while now, and the current versions of all of our Mac apps (Sandvox, The Hit List, Tangerine!, and Stars) — work just great with the new operating system.

Consider this a green light from us if you weren’t sure whether to update yet.