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Progress on The Hit List

We’d like to take a minute to give you an update about The Hit List, specifically in regard to timing, and where we are with the app. Our primary commitment is to delivering the best products possible. Clearly, we believe in The Hit List, and we brought it in-house at Karelia to ensure that it continues to blossom and thrive.

In the few months that we’ve been working on THL, we’ve made significant progress. The Mac app and the Sync Service have actually been updated with important bug fixes, laying the groundwork for future improvements. (We have maintenance updates in various states of readiness, including one in review now.)

And our support team is doing a phenomenal job answering many first-line support questions. Those are real, tangible improvements.

In an effort to avoid vapor, we are playing things a little bit close to the vest. Also, the specific vision that we’re executing is demanding and requires our full focus. Plus, Apple’s latest WWDC announcements were fairly sizable and significant, and that has changed our internal roadmap a bit as well.

At this point, it’s safe to say that we’re not going to ship any major new versions of The Hit List, on any platform, right before Apple ships brand new OS versions. We’re very excited and looking forward to sharing our vision with you in the future. Of course, at the moment, it’s important to us that we’re heads down and coding, and really focused on bringing The Hit List to the next level.

New! Updates for The Hit List…

Today, Karelia is pleased to report that updates for The Hit List for Mac (1.1.4) and The Hit List for iPhone (1.1.5) are now available. You can check out the release notes and get to the updates from the What’s New page for The Hit List. The complete press release is also available in the Media & Press section of our site. Cheers!

Our favorite gallery….

We’ve recently updated our favorite gallery at SandvoxSites.com. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a gallery of websites built with Sandvox, described in the words of their creators.

Before SandvoxSites, the only way we would run across sites built with Sandvox was if Sandvoxers emailed us about their websites. Once SandvoxSites was up, suddenly, we were able to see how successful most people were using Sandvox. What’s more, people really put some great content out there!

It’s been truly gratifying to see so many entries, with more being added all the time. It’s been fun just to see the incredible diversity of uses for Sandvox — from events, families and clubs to businesses in just about any profession. We really enjoy watching websites get added from, literally, all over the world!

In particular, the tag cloud is an amazing way to see this. It’s a simple tag cloud, really only capable of showing the most popular tags. But for someone with an interest in, say, education, they can use the tag cloud to see the different approaches that different teachers have used to present information.

Seeing Sandvox websites in action also helps guide us in the development of Sandvox. Take a minute out to stroll through the new SandvoxSites gallery and see what people have created. Of course, if you’ve built a website with Sandvox, and you haven’t already, we invite you to add your site. We’d love to see it.

Karelia welcomes Andy Kim & Potion Factory to the team

Today is an exciting day for us at Karelia Software because we are finally announcing that Andy Kim — and his company Potion Factory, and its wonderful apps — are now part of Karelia.

We at Karelia have wanted to grow, and that means finding new and complementary talent and products. For a long time, we’ve been great admirers of Andy and the apps he’s developed at Potion Factory. We started talking about the possibility of joining forces more than a year ago!

Andy is both an amazing programmer and designer. That’s a very rare combination to have. He has applied these talents to his own apps, over the years. And now — already, in fact — Andy is lending his chops to future versions of Sandvox. (You’ll see some of the fruits of his labor in the months and years ahead.)

We have been big fans of The Hit List, Potion’s flagship app, for a while now. We’ve looked around, and we’ve never found a better designed app to handle personal task management than The Hit List, perfectly balanced between power and ease-of-use. We use it every day. And we wanted to keep improving it, but also bring to it a bigger marketing force and level of support than Andy was able to, so that it can reach a bigger audience. You can learn more about The Hit List here on our site.

We'd like to warmly welcome Potion Factory customers and fans to the Karelia family. We plan on continuing to support — and grow — the existing Potion apps. (However, Voice Candy is on the back burner for a while; it needs some work to get it working with OS X 10.9 “Mavericks.”)

And Sandvox customers, fear not! We are very excited about the opportunity this addition brings to Sandvox and will bring to you in the months and years ahead.

Do you have suggestions for where you’d like to see us take our apps? We welcome your suggestions.

Welcome Andy!

Karelia Guys

Welcoming Andy to the table: Enjoying Chicken & Waffles at a recent get-together. (L-R: Mike Abdullah, Dan Wood, Warren Dodge, Terrence Talbot, Andy Kim)

Hello Mavericks

Sandvox is compatible with OS X Mavericks!

We've been running Mavericks since the first developer preview at WWDC. Sandvox has been working great for us the whole time and we've not seen any problems that are specific to Mavericks. So if you have upgraded to 10.9 — or you weren’t sure whether to upgrade or not — don’t let Sandvox stop you from experiencing this wonderful new update from Apple!