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Karelia Apps and El Capitan. Ready!

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We’ve been using El Capitan — Apple’s new version of OS X released yesterday — for a while now, and the current versions of all of our Mac apps (Sandvox, The Hit List, Tangerine!, and Stars) — work just great with the new operating system.

Consider this a green light from us if you weren’t sure whether to update yet.

iOS 9 and The Hit List

Today — Wednesday 16 September — Apple is releasing iOS 9 to the public. We've been testing with it here, and think it's a very nice update. Hopefully you're quite excited to get your hands on it!

Of course, our testing has been focused on The Hit List for iPhone. In the process we've found one bug, whereby attempting to adjust the list a new task is being assigned to will unfortunately wind up cancelling creation of the task. We have an update that fixes the bug submitted to Apple, and expect it to be approved and available very soon.

As ever, we have more improvements for The Hit List planned in future. To stay informed of all the latest news, keep an eye on our forums, or here on the blog.

One Today At A Time

Can you imagine compacting The Hit List into a brief interaction of just a few seconds long? Certainly, you can imagine how the Apple Watch would be used in shorter bursts than iPads or iPhones.

But in bringing you The Hit List for Apple Watch, our design process really had to involve careful consideration — of what you want on your wrist, which gestures get you there fastest, which functions you want, and what you want in a Glance.

Clearly, to us, moving everything over to the smaller device was simply not the answer. We wanted to take advantage of its location on your wrist, to provide timely information that can be viewed at a glance and interacted with easily. We wanted to create a unique experience designed for the wrist.

Once we really understood that the Apple Watch is about immediacy, about “now” and about “today,” we centered the design around the Today list.

Using The Hit List on an Apple Watch requires pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone. They go together. So, today, we released The Hit List for iPhone version 2.3 that introduces a Today widget for Notifications Center, in addition to The Hit List for Apple Watch, which provides timely information about your Today list, viewed at a glance.

thl23 today@2x

Not only does the Today approach eliminate extra taps, but the simplicity is more elegant and immediately useful. The Hit List glance provides an overview from your own Today list about how much you’ve done and how much is left to do.

When you open The Hit List on Apple Watch, you’re immediately presented with the Today list. Tap on a task for applicable actions and details.

A press lets you add a task using dictation. When you tap “done,” the task is added and syncs with your iPhone and your Mac immediately.

What was our biggest challenge? The iPhone app, the Apple Watch app and the Today widget all read and write to the same place, so keeping it coordinated along with The Hit List Sync Service meant re-engineering quite a bit of our underlying code.

The technical challenges led to a decision to resist pushing something out the door before we had a chance to actually test on an actual shipping devices. This proved to be a smart decision.

So, while many other companies just ported everything and released the day the device shipped, we took a different approach. Every decision founded on the quick-burst customer experience. We approached the design differently, and carefully. We took time to test on real devices. We paid extra attention so you could get the most out of the quick burst of your attention.

We think investing this extra effort and time produced a higher quality app for the Apple Watch. As always, The Hit List strikes the perfect balance of app power and ease of use. We’re pretty excited about it and proud to bring The Hit List for Apple Watch and The Hit List for iPhone 2.3 update to you today.

Sandvox 2.10 adds Sandvox Hosting

Sandvox started with the idea that anyone should be able to build a great website, without needing to know how to code.

Sandvox has delivered on that promise for an enormous number of people, far beyond our expectations. People tell us that Sandvox has been “just right” for them — easy to use, with a very familiar feeling that’s comfortable to work in, simple yet powerful.

At the same time, however, we watched too many people get extremely frustrated when trying to set up web hosting. Which protocol to use? Is this the right URL? Which hostname do I put in? A long list of questions, the answers to which vary radically depending on which hosting company is used.

So, we found ourselves thinking that web hosting should just be simpler than it is. That you shouldn’t have to learn how to administer a web server or play guessing games with endless settings. That hosting should “just work” and so we set out to do just that.

Today we’re unveiling Sandvox 2.10 with a new hosting choice — integrated into Sandvox itself — Sandvox Hosting. It is exclusively available only for use with Sandvox and Sandvox-built websites.

To get started, just choose ‘Setup Host’ from within Sandvox and create a trial Sandvox Hosting account. Sandvox will even suggest a password for you.


Then, when you’re ready, just publish your site. That’s all there is to it.

If you need to check on, or change your plan, just head over to www.sandvoxhosting.com and sign in to your account.

We think Sandvox customers will love Sandvox Hosting. We’re really proud of it and we’re excited to bring it to you in Sandvox 2.10.

Want to take it for a spin? Just download the latest Sandvox demo, create a free trial hosting account using Setup Host, and publish your new site.


Share to The Hit List for iPhone

If you’ve ever wanted to take a URL or text from another app, and make it into a new task in The Hit List, now you can.

We’ve added a Share extension to The Hit List for iPhone 2.2, which makes it easy and quick for you.

For example, say you’re browsing in Safari and come across a web page that’s relevant to a project you’re working on. Tap the share button and you can conveniently add that page to one of your lists, for later reference. Here’s a quick demo of it in action:

This is a great boost to the power The Hit List gives you on iOS, and we hope it will save you valuable time during the day.

A wide range of apps support sharing, and The Hit List tries to handle that in as useful a fashion as possible. If there are any apps though that you use this feature in, and feel we could do more with handling the incoming data, were interested to hear about it, so please let us know.