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Karelia’s Mac Apps Ready for High Sierra

It's here, and we're ready too! Sandvox, The Hit List, and Stars — our Mac apps are all good to go with High Sierra.


On Monday Apple released the latest version of macOS: High Sierra, and we've worked to ensure our apps are ready for it:

  • The Hit List has been updated to version 1.1.30 to resolve compatiblity issues and fix a couple of bugs which had crept in.
  • Sandvox version 2.10.10 was already High Sierra compatible.
  • Stars has also been updated to version 5.1 for improved compatibility with High Sierra, iTunes 12.7, and Apple Music. Get it from the Mac App Store.

Your apps can be updated with the built-in “Sparkle” mechanism if you got them directly from us, or through the Mac App Store.

That’s it for now. Happy upgrading!

The Hit List 2.6 for iOS Released

Now that iOS 11 is released, we’re happy to announce that The Hit List is ready for it. Yesterday we've released version 2.6, with the following changes:

  • Tweaked home screen layout for easier access to creating lists and searching
  • Spotlight search for tasks
  • iOS 11 compatibility improvements
  • Folders can be deleted without having to first delete all their contents
  • Fixed issue where trying to create a new tag on iPad would create a list instead

The main thing you'll notice is search is now a little more prominently featured. There are buttons conveniently in reach at the bottom of the screen for starting a search, and for creating new lists/folders/tags.

But most importantly, The Hit List is now integrated with Spotlight. What does this mean? On any home screen of your phone, you can swipe downwards to bring up a search field. Type in there and iOS searches the web, your contacts etc., and now your tasks!

Say you remember making a note of something related to your electricity bill, but not sure which app that was in? Spotlight will search them all and ta-da, yep it was The Hit List you used for that. Tap it and the app will launch so you can see/edit the full details and check it off.

And of course, as hinted at the top, this version of The Hit List is ready to go for iOS 11. We've squashed some compatibility bugs and now it's in tip-top shape. iOS 11 also introduces some exciting features to the platform and we look forward to being able to adopt some of them soon and bring you even greater power to your workflow.

So if you haven't already, head over to the App Store and grab yourself the latest update. As always, we appreciate any reviews you post there.