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Sandvox Icon The reviews of Sandvox are in, and critics from Macworld, CNet, MacNN and more agree that Sandvox is a great website builder for the Mac. See for yourself, here.

MacLife Magazine, December 2011 4.5 Stars

MacLife 4.5 Boxes

Sandvox 2 is an excellent visual website-design tool for individuals and businesses that need to create attractive sites without having to learn the [ more ]

Cult of Mac, November 2011 4.5 Stars

Cult of Mac

Sandvox Web Editor: A Good iWeb Alternative “…if you’re building a site to support your business, or as a long-term archive for family documents or photos, it represents pretty good value.” [ more ]

AppleTell, December 2011 3 Stars

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Appletell’s Erica Marceau reviewed Sandvox in December 2011, describing how “Sandvox 2 from Karelia Software steps in to save the day.” [ more ]

Macworld UK, April 2012

…This template-based, drag-and-drop driven tool’s no Coda or Dreamweaver. Think iWeb and you won’t be far wrong. Think “even more simple to use than iWeb” and you’ll be spot on.

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MacTech, August 2011

MacTech offers an overview of Sandvox 2 as a replacement for iWeb: “The folks at Karelia are keen to offer a more modern and fairly compatible web builder to folks like me that are ready to graduate to more robust web sites.”

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Mac360, August 2011

Mac360 has a nice overview of Sandvox as a replacement to Apple’s iWeb: “Just point and click and re-arrange elements on a page, page after page after page. When your site is complete, simply upload it to a web server or host…”

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CNET Editors’ Review, June 2009

CNET reviewed Sandvox again in June 2009, giving it 4 stars: “Excellent”. “Overall, Sandvox is an excellent option for anyone who wants to quickly create basic but still useful and attractive Web sites.”

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“Let’s face it, not all of us have time to learn HTML and CSS to produce the kind of beautiful web pages Sandvox allows us to make. Even for those that know HTML, they may find Sandvox more convenient than hand coding…”

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Macs Are Great!, June 2006

This blog, written by a person who switched from a PC to a Mac, says this about Sandvox: “The closest competitor to Sandvox is certainly RapidWeaver, a well established WYSIWYG HTML editor. I like Sandvox better because I don’t like the user interface of RapidWeaver at all.”

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