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What’s a “design”? You could think of it as a set of fonts, styles and colors in a graphical design framework for building a website. With Sandvox, one of the first steps in building a website is choosing a design to build in. 

There are more than 60 designs available for Sandvox. Dozens of them come with your Sandvox license, and there are even more that you can purchase separately from 3rd-party designers. 

Creating a new website, or refreshing an existing site can be a challenge. Sandvox makes it easy try different looks, right from the start, or at any point in the process. 

At any point, whether you’ve built one page of your website, or one hundred pages, you can choose a different design from the gallery of designs that come with Sandvox, and see how it looks--without changing your content. 

Lots of Sandvox designs include options to use different color palettes, or layout arrangements.

cathedral-sm cleansheets-sm

Want to customize? Many designs provide the option to use custom graphics or “banners” so you can substitute the image that is included with the design for one that better reflects your business, your project, or the theme of your site. 

Sandvox designs are CSS-based, and can be further modified to create the look and feel you want. For instance, one of our most popular designs is Cathedral: Its “banner” graphic provides a dramatic space for the image of your choice if you choose to substitute your own graphic.

Want a more streamlined look? Consider Clean Sheets—it puts the focus on your content and allows text and images to “pop” off its bright white background. Helpful markers allow you to properly position headers, blocks of text, and images while Sandvox takes care of the rest.

Looking for color? If so, you might want to check out Sunburst or Smooth Dark. Both of them use colors, fonts, and other elements to create a very distinctive look for a website.

smoothdark-sm sunburst-sm

Browse and try any of the designs included with Sandvox — Download Sandvox for free today!

Additional Designs Now Available

Now, there are even more choices available from third-party designers. Check out all of the latest designs and the third-parties who make extra designs for Sandvox in our Sandvox Designs section.