Open source

Karelia Software’s experience and involvement with open source software began when Watson was in development. At that time, we established an online bank of Cocoa code which is freely available for use by other developers and subject only to the observation of standard open source terms and conditions. Today, we house our offering of open source code in a GitHub repository.

Why contribute? 

Simply put, we have a great deal of respect for the developers in our community who have shared knowledge and experience with us over the years. 

So, in that same spirit, we make an effort to give/share back to the community. For the current list of credits, please see “Acknowledgments” on the Help menu within Sandvox (demo or fully licensed version).

Sharing and improving open source work is a great way to build better, more stable software. It allows a myriad of talented developers to contribute what they’ve learned to a project and makes the resulting code better for everyone—customers included.

  • Sandvox utilizes the open source Connection Kit to provide FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV publishing services. 
  • Karelia developed iMedia Browser, a tool now used by several developers as part of leading OS X applications. We’ve also made Sandvox plugin code available – along with our standard extensions – to Cocoa. 
  • In addition, the license for the development of Sandvox designs incorporates a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.