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Email Newsletter Services Compared

Over in an obscure corner of our website, we've set up a separate blog that is really written for fellow "indie" mac developers — in other words, other small Mac software developer shops like Karelia, with just a few (or even one) person.

Most of what we've written there is not really intended for the same audience as this general Karelia blog.  However, from time to time, there may be some useful tidbits that we think our general readership might find useful, especially those that have, like us, a small business.

A recent post we did is called "A Comparison of 16 Bulk Email Marketing Services", and it might be useful to you if you have a small business or organization that needs to build a list of friends, clients, and customers, to send them announcements from time to time. (Doing this is often called "permission marketing.")

From that post you can find a links to some other articles along that topic that might interest you. Just substitute whatever it is your company does for the software business that we are talking about.