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Sandvox 2.5.5/2.5.6

A couple of days ago, we released Sandvox 2.5.5 (quickly followed by an almost-identical 2.5.6 for direct download only). As usual it's a free update for all Sandvox 2 customers, available from the Mac App Store or directly in-app, depending on where you bought it from originally. There's quite an assortment of bug fixes included; see the release notes for full details.

But that's not all! Because you're awesome, we snuck a few tiny features/improvements in too:

Faster adding of download links

"Choose File…" option in Link Inspector

Want to create a link to a file that you haven't yet added to the site? We've added a quick shortcut in the Link Inspector to add a file and link to it in one go.

Smarter Host Setup

We've recently been working with Sam Deane to deliver some rather brilliant improvements to Sandvox's Host Setup Assistant. Most of those are a little way off shipping, but a couple have trickled through for version 2.5.5 and 2.5.6:

When running through the Host Setup Assistant, Sandvox detects if your host requires the use of a particular character encoding and automatically applies it (before, the app would prompt you asking to set the encoding manually). Of course you can still adjust the encoding manually if desired/needed.

A handful of customers we've come across are publishing websites that are entirely password-protected. If that protection is already turned on while testing the host setup, the new version will neatly prompt you for the site's password if needed.

Neater Photo Grids

"Scale to Fill" option for photo grids

Building a collection of photos of varying proportions? We've added a new option in the Photo Grid's Inspector to control how thumbnails appear. Select "Scale to Fill" and they'll all be the same shape by cropping the thumbnails as needed.