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What are we up to?

We're still here! Our collective noses have been "to the grindstone" for much longer than we would have preferred.  At WWDC, we got hold of a number of techniques for solving some bugs and crashes that have been dogging a small number of Sandvox users, but it has taken a while to actually fix everything!

So we are getting pretty close to having a new release for you all.  Some of the crashes and bugs we have been able to fix:

  • Database access crashes
  • iMedia crashes from accessing certain images and movies
  • Slowness in loading images
  • Problems with editing text, especially in Japanese

The bonus of waiting so long is that we have been able to get a few more goodies bundled into the application, such as several new designs, integrated Help, and two new languages.

We hope to get the new version out in a couple of weeks.  We really want this to be the most stable release ever.  Your patience is appreciated!