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If you are looking for information about iMedia Browser, this is the place to start. If you can’t find the answer you need, feel free to email us.

How can iMedia Browser be configured?

Once launched, the iMedia Browser can be accessed via its icon in the dock; it will hide when it is no longer the active application. You can use the Preferences window to change this behavior, so that the application is visible at all times, or enable iMedia access via the status bar at the right side of the menu bar (using the dock icon).

To access application menus (Preferences, Check for Updates, etc.) when using the status bar icon, control-click on the icon.

Use the Preferences window to set general application behavior, including window and dock appearance.

Is iMedia Browser still available for download?

iMedia Browser (as a standalone utility) is not being offered at this time. The iMedia Browser is still embedded in a number of applications, however.

Would you let me know if you release an update?

The easiest way to stay in the loop on all of news and releases is to subscribe to our email newsletter. You can do that via the Karelia Newsletter area of this page.

Window Controls

Click the ‘i’ button in the upper right corner of the iMedia window, or choose “About iMedia Browser…” from the application menu, to “flip” the window to reveal preferences for toolbar appearance and display of captions.

Most media types have three views you can choose from using the control: Icon browser, combination, and list.

To see more thumbnails at a time, or more detail, adjust the slider in the lower right corner.

Search within the currently displayed list by typing text in the lower right corner.

Many media types allow you to drag in your own folder of files into the top panel.

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If you can’t find the answer you need, feel free to email us.
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