Document Inspector: Appearance Tab

This article describes each of the settings available in the "Appearance" tab of the Document Inspector.


Site Title

Choose whether or not to display the site title. This is useful if the site's banner or logo contains the title of the site and displaying it twice would be unnecessary.

Note that the site title is still present, just invisible to the casual visitor. This is for accessibility reasons (so screen-readers can still read it), and for search engines to determine the title of the site.


After checking this box, you can drag an image to the logo placeholder image to set the site logo.


Hides the Tagline under the site title.


Hides the footer at the bottom of your site.


Some designs allow you to change their banner image.


Drag an image here to set the site's Favicon. Every site has a Favicon. This is a small image (16x16 pixels) that is used to represent your site. The icon appears in your web browser when viewing the site.

Graphical Titles

Toggles the usage of graphical titles on compatible computers and allows you to adjust the size.

Scaled Images

Use the sliders to sharpen and set the quality of your images.

Optimize for Retina Displays

When checked, enables Sandvox to make high resolution images appear sharp on Retina Display devices. For more information, please refer to the Retina-Optimized Images help page.

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