Raw HTML Editor Window

The ability to use custom HTML code is an advanced ability of Sandvox. Because of the extent of HTML and the many ways in which HTML can be incorporated into a Sandvox site, Karelia does not attempt to provide its own HTML tutorial, nor can it provide specific troubleshooting advice related to an individual user's HTML code.

If you would like to explore the possibilities that using HTML in your Sandvox site presents and need some assistance, we encourage you to visit the following third party sites that specifically address HTML issues:

With Sandvox you can edit the raw HTML of a HTML page or a HTML object in a page.

To edit the raw HTML of a raw HTML page:

  1. Select the raw HTML page in the Site Navigator.
  2. From the Edit menu select "Edit Raw HTML…" or click the "Edit Text…" button in the Page Details.
  3. Edit the HTML in the window that appears. Changes are updated in the Web View when you click 'Update Preview' in the top right corner.

To edit the raw HTML of a raw HTML object:

  1. Select the raw HTML object on the page to select it.
  2. Open the Object Inspector and click the 'Edit HTML' button.

Content Type

With the Edit Raw HTML window open you can choose the content type that you will be using. HTML, PHP, JavaScript, or Other.

This editing window is also used if you have just plain text (e.g. a file ending in .txt) in your site navigator, created with the Raw HTML/Text option. The popup and validation button won't be there since this is text, not HTML.


Sandvox allows you to customize the font used for HTML editing. The text is automatically colored by Sandvox from the HTML syntax.

To customize the HTML editing font:

  1. With an HTML editing window open, choose "Select All" from the Edit menu.
  2. Open the Font panel by choosing "Show Fonts" from the Format menu.
  3. Use the panel to set the typeface and size you desire.
  4. Close the Font panel.

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