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If you are looking for information about Tangerine!, this is the place to start. If you can’t find the answer you need, feel free to email us.

Where is Tangerine! available?

Tangerine! is no longer available for purchase. If you already have it, you can use it indefinitely, but we will not provide any further updates.

I lost my license key. Can you send it to me again?

If you purchased Tangerine! through Potion Factory or Karelia and lost your license code, submit a request via our license key retrieval system and we’ll get you a copy of the code you need to enter for registration of the software.

Purchases made via the Mac App Store will have their licenses managed through the purchaser’s iTunes account, and we can’t reset or resend that information to you. Just download a fresh copy from the App Store.

I can’t register Tangerine!

Tangerine needs your name and a license key (a sequence of letters and numbers like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX). However, some licenses that we generated on 17 June and 18 June 2014 weren't handling the name correctly when it contained special characters like é ä ø ñ ç and so forth. Those characters were ignored when we generated your license key (which must validate with your name). If you are having problems registering Tangerine, please request a fresh copy of your license key using the box in the sidebar to the right. We will email you a key that should handle special characters correctly. If you are still having a problem, please ask support by sending us an inquiry using the form at the bottom.

What is beat intensity?

Beat intensity is how strong the detected beat is. Hip-Hop and Techno music will usually have the highest beat intensity while Classical music will have the lowest beat intensity. It is not the intensity of the music. However, upbeat songs usually have high beat intensity and high BPM. Tangerine! tends to be more accurate with the BPM when the beat intensity is higher too.

Why don’t all of my iTunes songs show up?

Tangerine! comes with a set of default rules to filter out tracks that are not suitable for BPM analysis. These tracks include podcasts, audio books, Classical music, and more. Unchecked songs in iTunes are also filtered. You can modify these rules according to your taste in Tangerine!’s preferences.

I already have BPM values that I manually set in iTunes. Will Tangerine! overwrite them?

Tangerine! will never overwrite your iTunes BPM values. In fact it will use iTunes BPM values if present.

There are some files that Tangerine! can’t analyze.

If you have tracks purchased from Apple before 2009, they may be DRM-protected and thus only readable in iTunes by an authorized user. DRM-protected tracks will need to be re-downloaded from Apple without DRM before they can be analyzed by Tangerine!

My iTunes library is on a different disk. How can I point Tangerine! to my iTunes library?

Hold down the option key as you launch Tangerine! You can choose your iTunes library then.

What are the limitations of the 15 day trial?

The only limitation is that you can’t save the BPMs to iTunes.

Can I analyze songs directly off of my iPod?

No. Tangerine! analyzes only iTunes libraries.

Is Tangerine! available for Windows?

No. Currently, there are no plans to release a Windows version of Tangerine!.

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