Blog Post Settings

To edit a blog's settings:

  1. Click the collection in the Site Navigator to select it.
  2. Click the text of the blog post to select it.
  3. Open the Object Inspector.

For more information on the inspector setting please see the Titles and Summaries article.

Collection Presets

Collections can be used in many ways. Sandvox provides some pre-configured collections for the most popular uses. To use one of these presets, you can either:

If you use one of these presets, don't forget that you can still tweak the settings of the collection using the Page Inspector. The following presets are available:

Designed for use as a Blog, Podcast or Videocast. Please see the "Blogging with Sandvox" and "Podcasting and Videocasting with Sandvox" articles for more information.
Photo Album
A grid of photos in the collection. Please see "Working with Photo Albums in Sandvox" for more information.

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