Karelia Software Releases Sandvox 2.5

Major Update Introduces New Slide Show Object, Support for Lion-specific Features, Localization in Italian, Spanish and Chinese, and Much More

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Macworld|iWorld) - Jan. 26, 2012 - Karelia Software today released Sandvox 2.5, a major update to its award-winning website building software for the Mac. 

Sandvox 2.5 introduces a brand new Slide Show object for impactful media presentations, support for Lion features, including Resume, Autosave, Versions and Fullscreen mode, localization into three new languages, and much more.

Now for the first time, website creators using Sandvox can present collections of photography or graphic images as a slide show, by simply dragging and dropping them onto a new Slide Show object, with options for timing, transitions and caption control adjustable in the Object inspector. The traditional Photo Grid now also supports displayed captions derived from page contents.

Sandvox 2.5 makes it easier than ever to notify audiences about an updated site via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email, upon completed publishing.

"Sandvox makes it super fast to add a Slide Show to your website, including some awesome between-image transitions," said Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software. "There was a lot of work under the hood, so website creators don't have to do any heavy lifting. Sandvox ran on Lion before, but now it takes advantage of the banner features in Lion."

"Sandvox is the one and only reason I am able to create TeacherCast.net," explained Jeff Bradbury, educator and founder of TeacherCast. "I have been a website developer for 15 years and I have tried everything. It is the one product that has allowed me to create a website, blog and wiki, and it does so flawlessly. I now have a dynamic educational website that is seen globally in over 140 countries."

Sandvox 2.5 also includes an overhauled publishing engine and new placeholder displays, as well as improvements to .m4v file compatibility, Quick Look support, and enhancements to text layout and alignment.

About Sandvox 2

Websites created using Sandvox 2 automatically support the latest HTML5 web standard. Sandvox 2 introduced a completely new architecture and new editing engine, which allows customers to mix and match web page content "objects" in a much more naturally expressive and creative way.

Sandvox 2 also introduced a new design chooser and a much more powerful Inspector that makes it easy to selectively adjust page layout, modify objects, and apply modern page features. Sandvox 2 includes the latest version of the Karelia iMedia Browser, an open source contribution which is now a staple in many popular Mac apps.

For the power user, a new Raw HTML object handles direct placement, including live resizing, of any HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP or other inserted web code, such as popular embed codes provided by other sites. New plug-ins provide support for Facebook and Twitter. In addition, a plug-in API is now available for third-party developers.

For more information on Sandvox 2, visit the company's website:  <http://www.karelia.com/sandvox/>

Pricing and Availability

Sandvox 2.5 requires Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher and is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese.

The Sandvox 2.5 update is available today free of charge for any registered owner of Sandvox 2.

Sandvox 2 is regularly priced at US$79.99 and available directly from Karelia Software or through the Mac App Store. Registered owners of Sandvox 1.x are eligible to purchase Sandvox 2 for an upgrade price of US$49.99 directly from Karelia Software.

New licenses, upgrades, household licenses and site licenses are all available directly from Karelia Software by visiting:  <https://secure.karelia.com/buy_now/>

About Karelia Software

Karelia Software, winner of Macworld Eddy and Apple Design Awards, is known for producing groundbreaking Mac apps. Karelia's premier application, Sandvox, redefines how websites are built, combining power and flexibility with world class ease-of-use and making it possible for anyone to build the website of their dreams. <http://www.karelia.com/>

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