Customize and expand your website with Sandvox

With Sandvox, all the features of Sandvox's original Pro Edition are now at your fingertips. 

The advantage of HTML without learning HTML

Other website creation programs allow you to add customized content to your website, but it's not always an easy process. With Sandvox, copy and paste HTML snippets directly into Raw HTML objects to see immediate results.

Advanced HTML support

If you're comfortable working with HTML, Sandvox gives you the freedom to focus on custom markup while letting Sandvox manage the HTML that makes up the foundation of each page or collection. Edit HTML or JavaScript in the HTML editor window with syntax coloring and you'll see the changes instantly applied to the page. 

As long as your website host supports PHP or other scripting languages, you can easily enter these as well. To review the results of adding these scripts just upload the website and view it from the host's server. 

Raw HTML Pages and Objects: Need custom code on your site? Sandvox makes it easy to insert a block of Raw HTML without modifying any of the structural elements of the page. Or, choose a Raw HTML page and create a completely customized page within your overall website.

Code Injection: Sandvox's Code Injection panel makes boosting your website with custom HTML, JavaScript, or scripting code - such as PHP - simple. Insert custom code in specific places outside of the <body> text to further customize and enhance your site's capabilities.

HTML Validation: Incorrect HTML can cause your site to offer substandard performance or look different to your visitors. With Sandvox, HTML validation is simple because it's integrated directly with the W3C Validator.

Google integration

With Sandvox (and an active Google account), enable Google's integration tools to: 

  • Maximize the visibility of your site
  • Understand who's visiting it
  • Know where your visitors are coming from
  • Discover what's attracting them to your site
  • Know how long they're looking at each page of your site before they click away

Every website owner should know what makes their site work and what doesn't. That's why Sandvox makes integrating Google's website optimization tools quick and easy.

Google Webmaster Tools: Sandvox makes it easy to use Google Webmaster Tools to verify ownership of your website with Google. Before you can configure how your website is indexed and notify Google of its most important pages, you have to understand how Google's bots evaluate your website. One of the best ways to make sure your site is accurately indexed by Google is to generate a Google Sitemap for your site. Sandvox builds a Google Sitemap for you and updates it every time you change your site. Spend your valuable time focusing on site content instead of on administrative maintenance.

Google Analytics: Information about how your site is being visited and viewed is critical to its success. Google Analytics is an essential tool to gather this data: It provides GeoTargeting information about where visitors to your site come from; E-commerce Tracking to help trace transactions to specific promotional campaigns; AdWords integration; and many other tools. For businesses and organizations who need to increase their bottom line, whether in terms of dollars or visibility, Google Analytics is a necessary tool. And with Sandvox, adding Google Analytics to your site couldn't be easier.