Building a website for your photography business?

Some Sandvox-Created Photography Websites

Johan Hahn built his informative and creative website using Sandvox. Website features he included were a weblog that has a photo of the day as well as the story of the day.  There is a contact page for further information and useful links are included. Lastly, pictures of his works are placed and are viewable throughout the website.

With Sandvox, Susan B. Barmon included an introduction page which includes background information about her with a list of links. There is a photo album located on the website, and a contact form. Plus, there's a place where you can purchase artwork that is available. 

“I get compliments on my website all the time," she said. “It is easy to navigate and looks wonderful.”

With Sandvox, Stephen Wilson easily added many features to his page such as a contact form, and photo gallery. On the website you can also subscribe for RSS feed as well as having a list of links.

If you are a photographer and you would like to design a picture perfect photography website, than Sandvox is the ideal tool for you. 

First impressions are always important, your website design and layout should represent your taste and style. Numerous amounts of visitors could be turned away because of a poor layout or design. Sandvox has designs that can fit your unique style with a variety of fifty different designs to choose from. A lot of Sandvox’s designs have feature customizable banners, as a result you can substitute the image that reflects your project, overall theme or business. 

Introduction of Your Work: Photographers probably would love for people to see their interest and abilities, which come from their best work. Sandvox allows you to display images in many ways. You can create photo albums showing thumbnails of your work, with clickable links to larger images. Or, take advantage of the built-in Gallery feature of a photo album that allows the visitor to page through your photos in a layer above the current page. Or add multple photos to a single page if that's more your style. 

Introduce Yourself: An introduction of yourself as the artist should be including on your web page. Customers find it very important and are interested on knowing the artist behind the work.  On your page you should include information were customers can understand who you are as the artist. You can write up any inspirations that you have, you could list your current or favorite equipment or you can even include a timeline of interest in photography. With Sandvox pro, you can add raw HTML, which allows you to customize your introduction with your own personal touch.

Photo Gallery: If you would like to show a full range of your photography, Sandvox provides you with that opportunity.  Sandvox provides tools for you to make it easy to create a photo album or even gallery. With Sandvox you can create a “Photo Weblog” which is a hybrid of a photo album and web blog.  The photos are laid out on a grid and are time stamped. The photos are arranged in reverse chronological order as well.  Using the “Photo Weblog” would be a great tool for photographers to use, it also has an RSS feed and it allows comments. If you are offering items for purchase, Sandvox allows you to add e-commernece directly to your website. This allows your page to use an external website such as PayPal for payment processing. 

Portfolio of Published Work: You can feature some of your published work right on your webpage with Sandvox.  As stated above under photo gallery, Sandvox allow you to place different types of photo galleries directly on your website. If you have work that is displayed on other websites with Sandvox you can add a list of links, this feature can be used to display other sites that your previous work is located on.  Now can show visitors, links to other websites that displays your already published work. 

Testimonials are one of the most important items for consumer confidence. Customers like to have some reassurance of reading good things people have to say about you. If you have customer reviews or even professional reviews this could set you apart. Testimonials should be eye catching to help your website. Using Sandvox, you can easily link a website to display professional reviews you may have.

When you use Sandvox, Blogging is simple. Additionally, when you have created a written blog you can also add a podcast or videocast to your website. If you travel a lot you can add an exciting addition on the road. Customers in general want to know what kind of person you really are. Starting your own blog can pass along informal stories, write ups and so forth. You can even tell stories about certain images you may have posted that have a significant t story behind the photo or any inspirations. When you tell these stories it will provide a personal connection with the customers. This will help customers learn about you as an artist not just someone who is trying to sell their work.

Contact Form: Visitors may have seen all the great content located on your page but still want to know more. Maybe they have questions they want to ask you, so you can answer them. Adding a contact from with Sandvox is quick and easy. It allows you to post contact information so visitors can contact you easily and securely by filling out a few details. Even better with Sandvox you can set up a spam filter specially for your cite. Visitors can also contact you without even requiring to see your email address.

Calendar of Events: If you have any upcoming events or exhibitions of your work at a local gallery, you can give your visitors the opportunity to check out your work in person. This gives them another chance to view your creativity face to face.  You can include Google Calendar on your page. You can place a “Google Gadget” such as Google Calendar in the sidebar. This will give an overview of your schedule, so visitors can attend your upcoming events.

If you’re a photographer who wants and needs to build a website, Sandvox is the web design application for you.  If you display your work on a webpage, this can help you gain success as an artist. If you want your website to be unique, creative and noticeable creating a website using Sandvox is the right way to go.  Go and download a trial copy today and start building the photography website of your dreams.