A Great First Week

It's been less than a week since we officially released Sandvox and the response has been amazing. Sales have been pouring in and feedback has been positive. Thanks to all of the members of the Sandvox community—old and new—for making our launch so successful so far. We're also proud that Apple has made Sandvox its Featured Download this week:


Not surprisingly, we've discovered some bugs along the way, and a few last-minute fixes on our part introduced a few bugs into the French version. In dealing with the multitude of FTP servers we've learned that some hosts need more assistance from Sandvox's publishing feature to successfully upload files. The good news is that we're resolving these issues to make the 1.0.1 release even stronger, and because we're fixing an open-source framework other applications will be able to benefit from the improvements. The 1.0.1 release will be out soon, probably in the next week.

We've set up a Yahoo! discussion group for Sandvox. Sandvox users are welcome to join the discussion, trade hints and tips, and ask questions. Please note that you should continue to contact Karelia directly (via the built-in feedback reporter from the Help menu) for feature requests and bug reports.

Around the corner? We're building a few more new pagelets that many users have been requesting. We're also working on an introductory screencast that will help new users navigate and get the most from using Sandvox.