Between the Betas

We've purposely avoided putting out a new beta for a few weeks so we can concentrate on bugfixes and improvements. There is still a lot to accomplish, but we have managed to conquer some important tasks, thanks to feedback of users like ... well, maybe you!

For instance, we have optimized the memory management of media (images and sound) to make Sandvox more responsive when dragging photos in. We've continued to improve the "iMedia" browser for better integration with iPhoto and the other iApps. We now will ask whether a user wants to install (or remove) our crash reporter (though it's highly recommended that people install it, at least during our beta-testing cycle). The HTML we generate now uses relative links, not absolute links, which will make a website easier to preview after exporting. We've improved the text encoding that is generated for non-English sites. And, of course, we've fixed lots of other big and little bugs along the way.

We should have our next beta out in a couple of weeks; certainly before the current beta expires. And we're planning on getting a new Internet Service Provider to handle the large load that we get when everybody tries to download 15-megabyte files at the same time!