Evolving User, Developer, Designer Documentation

Sandvox users, potential plug-in developers, and potential creators of Sandvox designs should check out our new "wiki" site, http://[obsolete].karelia.com/. We've made available the beginnings of some user documentation, a kit for CSS-savvy folks to build new designs, and information for Cocoa developers to build their own custom plugins, to create new page types, pagelet types, drag-and-drop data sources, and more.

This documentation is built as a "wiki" (using the same software that runs Wikipedia), meaning that anybody can contribute. For those of you who by now are comfortable using Sandvox, and you'd like to contribute your expertise to help others, this is your chance! The rest of the Sandvox community will appreciate any input you provide. Or, you can use the "discussion" tab on any topic for which you'd like to comment upon.