Happy New Year

It's difficult to balance how much time to spend updating the Sandvox weblog in these weeks before release. We want to keep all of you readers in the loop as we enter the new year, but also keep things under wraps for just a little bit longer.

In any case, the beta-testing program is going well. (Apologies if you signed up to beta-test but haven't gotten on the list yet. We have been overwhelmed by the number of beta sign-ups!) Some beta testers found an interesting incompatibility with some third-party software, which we have been able to work around. We have made great improvements to our FTP uploading system, and have even managed to bring in SFTP support as well. We've had to re-vamp (again) the data model used to store Sandvox documents, which should result in much greater stability.

An update on the WebKit proposal we blogged about last month: It's been quite a success. Of the six on our list, five have been fixed (either by Apple engineers, or outside developers who took us up on our offer), and one we were able to work around. We're happy that we made this investment!

We were really hoping to get Sandvox released before the end of the year, but the problems we've uncovered during beta-testing have taken longer than anticipated. Yes, just like every other software product! In any case, we are getting close. We expect to offer a sneak peek of Sandvox to members of our mailing list next week, and then actually release a few weeks after that.

A note to press: We will be at Macworld expo, though no booth (since we're not ready to show or sell).  We'll be happy to meet up with members of the press and give them a preview of the application.  Use the Email Us link, at the top of our website, to set something up.