Indie+Relief coming on January 20

A few days ago, Fellow developer Justin Williams of Second Gear Software came up with a great idea to raise some money to help the victims of last week's earthquake in Haiti.

It's called "Indie+Relief." Over 125 software companies are participating, making more than 200 Mac applications available. The deal is that any software you buy from this list of participating titles on Wednesday, January 20, will result in a donation of the full amount to a charitable organization helping out in Haiti.

Like many of the participating companies, we are choosing Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) as the organization we will be supporting. We are hoping to raise several thousand dollars for this Nobel-Prize-winning organization.

Please stop by the Indie+Relief website on January 20 and purchase some of the many awesome titles listed there. (And if you don't need anything from that list — or you can't think of anybody you could give a gift to — please make a direct donation to one of the participating charities.)