Jumsoft Releases Five “Themes” for Sandvox

jumsoft5Earlier today, we learned that Jumsoft — makers of a number of Mac applications and add-ons for Apple's applications — has joined the ranks of third-party design providers by releasing five beautiful designs for Sandvox.

The designs (or as Jumsoft calls them, “Themes”) are as follows (taking the description from Jumsoft's press release). [Hyperlinks open up a demo website for each design in a new window.]

BusinessThe background blends from a light color to white, enabling your visitors to keep their attention on the important information. The atmosphere of the Business theme is in between solid and fun, so neutrality is guaranteed.

Color Beauty: Three main colors prevail in Color Beauty theme - white, black, and a bright one that you will choose. Surprisingly, the loudness of the bright colors is not too intense. There are also sheets for the particular layouts so customer's Web site content will be noticed quickly.

ParadiseThe Paradise theme has a solid atmosphere with a little bit of fun. The neutral background, which blends from black to grey, allows you to play with other colors without the fear of a too-loud color scheme.

RainbowRainbow theme is vivacious and colorful, providing a bright contrast to white space. The theme is especially good for those who have a convivial outlook on life, but it is also great for anyone wanting to make documents more engaging.

Sensitive Steel (pictured here): This theme stands out against two different things art and steel. The unconventional and successful image of fancy steel lends a feeling of warmth, though the prevailing color in this theme is grey. Sensitive Steel does not work well for strong and serious business images, but it perfectly reveals your artistic spirit and provides a cozy atmosphere for your Web site.

We are really “psyched” to have Jumsoft on-board.  We hope you will check out their Sandvox offerings — and all their products, for that matter. Jumsoft really has a great sense of design, and we are happy that they have chosen to apply their good taste to Sandvox!