Macworld Expo Wrap-up

Last week was a whirlwind week for Terrence and Dan. Our first time exhibiting at Macworld, the four days went by in a blur. We spoke to several hundred people, gave out nifty postcard flyers for Sandvox, gave countless demonstrations, and (only occasionally) got a chance to check out the rest of the show floor.

Whenever we met current Sandvox users, we'd ask if we could take their picture—along with their website— for our "rogues gallery."  Here are some of our proud Sandvox-using visitors:

John Budacovich

John Budacovich, a Mac consultant, posed with his website, Solutions-Mac LLC.

Charles Dill, Neptune Beach Media

Videographer Charles Dill of Neptune Beach Media.

Scott Gruby,

Mac Developer Scott Gruby with his website for ReceiptWallet. Nice to see other Mac indie companies using Sandvox for their websites!

 Fabrice Herrain,

Fabrice Herrain of BusinesSense, showing his customized variation of our "Rounded Blue" design.

Mike Matthews,

Mike Matthews with his Pac10 Compliance Corner website.

David Morgenstern,

David Morgenstern of "The Apple Core" with one of his several Sandvox-created websites, Congregation Beth Israel-Judea.

Loren Naiman,

Loren Naiman with his website (created using one of the BlueBall Design add-ons), LA-ADDA: Association of Deputy District Attorneys.

Mario Panighetti

Mario Panighetti with his personal site, hosted at

Raphael Sebbe,

Mac Developer Raphael Sebbe of Creaceed shows off his website with a customized design.