Minor Adjustment to Contact Form

One of Sandvox's most popular features is the Contact Form, a page or pagelet that allows people to send you messages by filling out a form.  As of Sandvox 1.5 we've enhanced the capabilities of this form — we'll highlight some of those changes in an upcoming post — but we wanted to mention a change we've put into effect behind the scenes that may affect how you process your incoming emails.

Historically, our processor for the contact form would build up an email message and make it appear as if it came from the email address of the person who filled out the form.

However, it has come to our attention that Apple's MobileMe (and legacy mac.com) mail service doesn't take to that too well. Probably in place as a spam-fighting technique, MobileMe does not accept an incoming email from an address that claims to come from mac.com or me.com, when in fact it doesn't.

So as of today, we've adjusted the way we build emails just a bit. Now, emails you receive from people who fill out a Sandvox contact form will appear to come from the address contact_form_no_reply@karelia.com. (This is not a real email address.) However, the message also includes the "Reply-To" header of the sender's email address, so that you can reply to that email message easily.

If you are using the contact form in Sandvox and this causes you any problems, please let us know.  We think that for the most part it will increase the likelihood that you receive all the messages sent via the contact form.