New Screencast: How to Incorporate Google Analytics in Your Sandvox Site

Here is the first in a new series of screencasts about Sandvox that we are working on. This one is a tutorial on integrating Google analytics with your website that is built with Sandvox, Pro edition.

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Hello and welcome to this screencast for Sandvox.

With Sandvox, you can integrate Google Analytics into your Web site to track visitor traffic in six steps.  

I’ve used the Clockwork design for my website called Antique Cellphones.   

In step one, I’ll click on the blue italic "I" in the toolbar to bring up the inspector.  Click the site segment and then the Google tab.  Click the "Visit Google Analytics" link to go to the Google Analytics web site. 

For step 2, I’ll click the "Sign Up Now" link.  If you don’t already have a Google account, you can create one here.  

I have an account, so I will sign in with my email address and password.

In Step 3, sign up for Google Analytics

Input your Web site’s URL:

Input the Account name.

You can track many web sites with separate names.  If you have more than one account name, you will be provided with a drop down menu of accounts to choose from.

The country…and time zone…then "Continue."

Step 4: Once logged into your account, the overview page shows the tracking code for each profile.  Highlight the tracking code in the text box and … copy.

In Step 5, I’ll return to my Antique Cellphones website in Sandvox.

If the inspector is not visible, click the icon for the inspector in the toolbar to bring it up.

Step 6: Click the inspector site segment and then the Google tab and paste the tracking code in the Google analytics text box. 

Now you are done! So just click the Publish icon in the toolbar to send the changes up to the site.  It may take about 24 hours for Google Analytics to start showing your traffic, so be patient! 

Now you can track visitor traffic.

Thanks for watching!

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