Now Available: Version 1.1.

Just a few hours ago, we updated Sandvox to 1.1 and made it live on our website! For all existing users of Sandvox, we recommend that you update to this version.

We've listened to the avalanche of feedback and requests from the community of Sandvox users and think that you will find the updates since the 1.0 release compelling!

We've mentioned in previous weblog entries what this new release is about. Our focus has been stability; we have rewritten some of Sandvox's internals from the ground up in order to make the program solid and reliable. We've made a huge number of bugfixes to which even the release notes cannot do justice. And there are some nice new features as well, including:

  •  Eight gorgeous new site designs
  •  A comprehensive and completely integrated Help, including step-by-step "How do I...?" pages that explore the many features of Sandvox
  •  Localization to Italian and Simplified Chinese languages
  • A snapshot feature to cleanly save your work in progress
  • Greatly improved Flash file support

For anybody who signed up for our email alert list, you will be receiving a message soon (if not already) mentioning that we have also updated our 5-pack of bonus designs, along with a download URL. Just in case anybody has these designs and is no longer on our email alert list, it's probably a good idea to sign up on our website so you can get the new 1.1 version of these bonus designs.  (There are many compatibility fixes, including for IE7).