"One Finger Discount" — A great week for great deals on Mac Software

We wanted to point out that Sandvox, along with a host of other Mac applications, are on sale this week for 20% off, via the website One Finger Discount. At least one of our third-party designers is also participating, so search for 'Sandvox' on the page to see what offers are available.

There is more to Mac software than just the applications from Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe! There are apps here for remote collaborating, image editing, crossword puzzling, recipe filing, writing, disk organizing, money managing, game playing, language learning, website building, ringtone creating, hard drive checking, note taking, news reading, text processing, file transferring, collection organizing, health managing, time tracking, podcasting, blogging, video converting, password collecting, color coordinating, web researching, remote controlling, sound recording, morning awakening, dock de-cluttering, web server monitoring, preference shuffling, intruder detecting, domain name managing, FTPing, word processing, Wii transferring, invoicing, to-do list check-off-ing, geotagging, distraction reducing, story narrating, mind mapping, ipod recovering, window moving, puzzle solving, cross-stitch designing, pet record-keeping, audio processing, music notation quizzing, healthy eating, screenshotting, text expanding, spam preventing, weather predicting, and data organizing. And more that I'm not mentioning!

Come check out what these great companies have to offer! Most of these are "try before you buy" so you will know what you are getting before you commit your cash.