Sandvox 1.0.2, Screencast, Discount Deadline

"If you like the idea of iWeb but find it lacking, you owe it to yourself to check out Sandvox." — Review of Sandvox 1.0.2, MDJ, 15 June 2006

Wow, what can we say? Another two weeks and another release! In case you haven't heard, we released Sandvox 1.0.2 yesterday. More bugs squashed. A few new things thrown in.

By popular demand, Sandvox now includes a more full-featured Format menu. Change the fonts! Change the justification! Go nuts! We don't mind. Just keep in mind that the person viewing your site might not have "Holstein" or "Papyrus" installed on their system, so your font choices might not be visible to others. See the list of fonts that are installed on Mac and Windows machines.

We've also made available, through the Help menu or right here, a new in-depth screencast that walks you through building and publishing a new website that includes a weblog, a photo album, movies, and more. Check it out!

And, also by popular demand, we're working on expanded documentation, including a new "How do I...?" section. that should help answer those burning questions.

For those readers that have been wavering about whether or not to buy a license, here's a little green incentive: get it by Friday before the introductory price period is over.

Once again huge thanks to everyone who has downloaded and tried out Sandvox. The response continues to amaze us!

Keep sending us your thoughts. We're already working hard on the next update….