Sandvox 1.2.6 is released

In time for us to show off at Macworld Expo next week, we've just made Sandvox 1.2.6 available for download.

This is primarily a Leopard-compatibility and Google tools update. If you were having problems with the keychain not finding your password during publishing, this should fix it. We've also updated our Google features to track the latest standards. If you use Google Analytics or Google Sitemaps, you'll want to grab 1.2.6 to stay up to date.

One important note about this version is that it now requires Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher. We needed to make some changes to the way Sandvox launches in order to make it compatible with the new Leopard firewall. Fortunately, the updates in 10.4.11 make this possible. As added benefit, 10.4.11 and Leopard share the Safari 3 WebKit which means that Sandvox no longer needs to bundle its own custom WebKit. The Sandvox download is now 15% smaller!

Almost all of our users have upgraded to Leopard or updated to Tiger 10.4.11, so we hope this change comes as a welcome surprise. If you're not running a compatible version of Mac OS X and can't or don't want to update, please continue to use 1.2.5.

See you at Macworld!