Sandvox 1.5.4 Released; adds JS-Kit comment support

In honor of U.S. Inauguration Day, though we would have released it anyhow, we present Sandvox 1.5.4.

This is a maintenance upgrade — we're working on bigger issues for the coming-soon version 1.6 — but it has several updates that we wanted to make available sooner than later.

The main new feature is the integration with the JS-Kit commenting system. We had been happily integrating Haloscan since Sandvox was released, but the company was acquired by JS-Kit, meaning that we needed to migrate to the new system.

If you have been already using Haloscan, there isn't anything new you need to do. Your document, and your Haloscan ID, will continue to function just fine: just choose Haloscan from the inspector and enter your ID. If you are creating a new blog with Sandvox, however, you will need to make use of JS-Kit. The process is similar, though JS-Kit automatically creates an ID for your website based on the URL where it is published, rather than an ID as was required with Haloscan.

There are some pluses and minuses to this change. It does make it easier to set up blog comments, but since you don't set up an account with, it's tricky to determine who is the owner of your website, for JS-Kit to know that you should be the one to moderate comments.

We are working with the engineering team at JS-Kit to improve this integration. In the meantime, we ask you to be the first one to create a test comment on your blog, as soon as it is published. This will make you moderator of the blog.  If you don't, then somebody else will.

Download Sandvox from the button on the side of this page. Enjoy!