Sandvox 2.6 Helps iWeb Graduates

Today we are very proud to announce the availability of  the new 2.6 version of Sandvox!

With MobileMe shutting down in just two weeks, scores of people are discovering Sandvox and moving over their websites. It has been a pretty manual process up until now, requiring each page's content to be copied and pasted from iWeb to Sandvox.

Today, version 2.6 changes that. While there is no "magic bullet" to make the process completely automated, our new Site Extractor feature will make the process somewhat easier. Sandvox will go through your published iWeb site, and one page at a time, create new Sandvox pages containing the main text and graphics that it finds on the iWeb source page.

And, while it's doing it, you get a spiffy animation to watch!

The resulting Sandvox document won't be a copy of your original website — while that would be nice, there are just too many differences between the architecture of an iWeb site and a Sandvox site to make that feasible. But it will be a good starting point, from which you can start adjusting things, choosing a new built-in (or third-party) design, bringing in any pieces that the extractor may have missed, and adding new Sandvox objects to your pages. Read more about this in our iWeb Transition Guide.

We've made a little YouTube video showing an example.