Sandvox has been released!

We did it!  We're now shipping Sandvox.

When we first started showing a prototype of Sandvox at last year's Apple Developer Conference, we thought we were much closer to releasing than we really were. We had a few setbacks along the way, both technical and marketing, but we finally have a product that we are comfortable releasing to the public.

Of course, it's not like we are revealing a big secret program! We've had Sandvox available as a public beta for four months now, and we've gotten some wonderful feedback from the many beta testers who have put the program through its paces. 

A side-effect of the public beta program is that people are already building and publishing their websites with Sandvox; we'll link to a few as a showcase in the near future.  (Any readers who have a Sandvox website that you would like to show off, drop us a line!)

Thanks to all of you who participated in the referral program that we established to help spread the word about Sandvox. (That program is now officially closed.) For those of you who referred others to Sandvox, you should be getting an email with a special coupon code for you to take advantage of your discount.

We thank all the beta testers who went above and beyond the call of duty to provide feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. We also want to specifically thank Ronald Leroux for helping us with Internationalization; he not only provided a thorough translation of Sandvox in French, but also helped make Sandvox more translatable into other languages, which will get underway soon. We also want to thank Greg Hulands, who not only provided and continues to improve a wonderful open-source media browser and the best Cocoa-based FTP/SFTP/WebDAV file connection framework, but has dug in to help with many other aspects of publishing in Sandvox as well.

Have fun building your website!