Sandvox's Leopard Roadmap

Leopard is just around the corner — just under two days at this writing.  The current (1.2.3) version of Sandvox works pretty well under Leopard, and we plan to achieve 100% compatibility very soon.

We've found a few minor fixes that we need to apply to make Sandvox be completely Leopard-compatible.  We plan on releasing a minor upgrade (1.2.4) some time in the next two weeks, once we have resolved a few issues that we will need to check against the final release version of the operating system — Hopefully Apple has fixed their bugs that affect Sandvox!

For those who are getting Leopard right away, and want to continue using Sandvox, we are making a beta version of 1.2.4 available right away.  (Normally we only make these betas available to our Yahoo! group, but we wanted to make it more generally available.)

This beta has a handful of other useful fixes, so Tiger users are of course welcome to try it as well.

Please make a copy of your Sandvox site document(s) before using the beta version, just to be extra-safe. We don't anticipate any problems, but backing up your data is always a good idea in any case!

Download the beta here.