Stand-alone iMedia Browser Now Available

Today we are releasing a free utility, the Karelia iMedia Browser: a stand-alone version of the iMedia browser that we originally built for Sandvox.

Members of our email alert list have already had an opportunity to download this utility, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  It's now possible to make use of the iMedia browser from just about any application, and drag images, sounds, movies, or links from this compact window into your content.

A Community Effort

We started writing our own media browser, owing to the fact that Apple has not made available a standardized component for application developers to incorporate.  Several other companies approached us about incorporating the browser into their applications, so we made it an open-source project with a limited release.  We have highlighted some of the contributors (and users) on the sidebar of the Karelia iMedia Browser's home page; please be sure to check out their applications.

Open Source 

Now that the project has stabilized, and in order to encourage more developers to incorporate the browser into their own applications, we have opened up the gates, hosting the browser at Google Code so that any developer can download the code and incorporate it into their own application (subject to the terms of the BSD license, of course).