The best way to predict the future is to blog it

Now that it's chock full o' post-WWDC tastiness, we love to "eat our own dogfood." As part of last night's development exercise, we rebuilt this site, again, from scratch, in Sandvox. Everything seemed to go smoothly and we were resting comfortably on our laurels, when an old friend emailed to say how impressed he was that we were inventing software that could predict the future and could he please get a copy?

What? As seems to be the rule in software development, the very thing we took for granted showed the bug. The posts for this weblog boasted completely incorrect dates, including an entry for August 15, then four days into the future! Oops.

It turns out there was some confusion of whether the site should be showing creation dates, or modification dates.  But we're still not sure how the dates got futurized! But not to worry, problem solved, site rebuilt, entries reposted. No more laurel resting.

Thanks for the catch, Mitch! (And apologies to Alan Kay.)