Try Launch Center Pro with The Hit List for iPhone to make custom actions


If you’re like us, you keep an ear to the ground for good tools. One we use is Launch Center Pro — and we think followers of The Hit List may appreciate it too.

Launch Center Pro is an app that has long done a great job of supporting The Hit List. It provides a handy launching point for custom actions that best suit what you want from the apps you use.

What does this mean? Here's an example: You could create a shortcut for adding tasks to a list you use regularly in The Hit List. You can take that further and pre-fill in just about any property, such as priority, notes or dates. There are even powerful input tags to provide interaction if you wish!

Launch Center Pro has recently been updated to provide greater compatibility with The Hit List for iPhone 2. You can find us when creating a new action under:

    Action Composer > Installed Apps > The Hit List

We hope you find it useful and powerful too!

P.S. If you've been a longtime customer of The Hit List and Launch Center Pro, you might find it still displays the old icon. If so, you can nudge it into updating the icon if you like.