URL Scheme Available for Integrating with The Hit List

Today we released The Hit List for iPhone v2.1, which adds support for a custom URL scheme.

The scheme enables other apps to trigger the creation of a new task. It's also fully available on the Mac. So for example, on a device with The Hit List installed, opening this URL:

will start creating a new task with the title "Test". (You can of course then edit the title to something more appropriate — it's just a starting point!)

We see this as a fantastic way for other apps to integrate with The Hit List, and are keen to see what other developers might do with it. URLs can also be handy on a more personal level for constructing custom workflows tailored precisely to your needs.

Ready to dive in? We have full documentation ready with all the details. If you need any further help, we're always ready and happy to field questions on the forum, or by contacting Karelia Support directly.