Karelia welcomes Andy Kim & Potion Factory to the team

Today is an exciting day for us at Karelia Software because we are finally announcing that Andy Kim — and his company Potion Factory, and its wonderful apps — are now part of Karelia.

We at Karelia have wanted to grow, and that means finding new and complementary talent and products. For a long time, we’ve been great admirers of Andy and the apps he’s developed at Potion Factory. We started talking about the possibility of joining forces more than a year ago!

Andy is both an amazing programmer and designer. That’s a very rare combination to have. He has applied these talents to his own apps, over the years. And now — already, in fact — Andy is lending his chops to future versions of Sandvox. (You’ll see some of the fruits of his labor in the months and years ahead.)

We have been big fans of The Hit List, Potion’s flagship app, for a while now. We’ve looked around, and we’ve never found a better designed app to handle personal task management than The Hit List, perfectly balanced between power and ease-of-use. We use it every day. And we wanted to keep improving it, but also bring to it a bigger marketing force and level of support than Andy was able to, so that it can reach a bigger audience. You can learn more about The Hit List here on our site.

We'd like to warmly welcome Potion Factory customers and fans to the Karelia family. We plan on continuing to support — and grow — the existing Potion apps. (However, Voice Candy is on the back burner for a while; it needs some work to get it working with OS X 10.9 “Mavericks.”)

And Sandvox customers, fear not! We are very excited about the opportunity this addition brings to Sandvox and will bring to you in the months and years ahead.

Do you have suggestions for where you’d like to see us take our apps? We welcome your suggestions.

Welcome Andy!

Karelia Guys

Welcoming Andy to the table: Enjoying Chicken & Waffles at a recent get-together. (L-R: Mike Abdullah, Dan Wood, Warren Dodge, Terrence Talbot, Andy Kim)