"Sandvox Sites" Launches Gradually

For the last month or two, we've been asking Sandvox users to submit their website — or websites — to a forthcoming directory of websites built with Sandvox.

A few days ago, we finally started making this website, Sandvox Sites, live.

While we have a huge backlog of a few hundred submissions ready to publish, we are taking the site on-line gradually so everybody will be able to featured on the home page for at least a day.

One fun aspect of this site is that people can enter tags about their website, letting us show a "tag cloud" of the site submissions. At this moment, the most popular tags include photographytravelartwriting, and design.

Naturally we don't expect everybody using Sandvox to submit their entries to this site, but doing so is providing these Sandvoxers a bit more exposure to their websites, while providing the rest of the world a bit of insight about why they chose Sandvox to build them.

Sandvox users wishing to submit their website will need to go to a special URL sent in our recent email newsletter.